The Story Divine

The Story Divine is the untold story of Madhusudan Naidu. He plays one of the most important roles in the ongoing mission of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who continues to guide, encourage and motivate His devotees to tread the spiritual path of Love and Service, from beyond the realms of the seen and the heard! An unprecedented account of a divine adventure, a saga of service and surrender, a tale of tangible transformation and a testimony to the power of faith, this book is a spiritual thriller, which will leave you inspired. This book authored by Madhusudan Naidu, at the command of Bhagawan Baba brings the rarest insights in to his life with Bhagawan Baba, and gives the first hand account of a human being living with the Divine, in today’s modern times.

The Story Divine (Part 2) By Madhusudan Naidu

An intriguing tale of transformation, a fascinating journey from I to We to He, a curious chronicle of unbecoming this to become that and an inspiring account of instrumentation, the Trilogy of The Story Divine, the second part ‘The Story... Read more

 November 15, 2017    The Story Divine By Madhusudan Naidu


Our scriptures describe heroism as the one who goes for the Atman and not anything else

This is the right time for students because still lot of things are yet to get inside their heads. And before all that come in, this is the time you can take off. Before too many stones are tied to your feet and... Read more

 December 25, 2017    Blog