What does Swami expect from us?

What does Swami expect from us? Where do we fit into, in the whole thing? We were with Swami, are with Swami and probably will continue to be with Swami. But being with Swami, does it mean it is the be all, and end all of everything? There is something that we got to do. Just by being in His presence, is everything taken care of? Or is there some effort or a sincere yearning that we must also develop? Once I asked Swami, “Since we are with You, self-realisation is taken care of isn’t it? Because we are with You. This is the highest!” Then Swami said, “A snake is around Shiva’s neck, there is a rat under Ganesha’s feet, are they self-realised? Doing My work is Seva. That will prepare you to do Sadhana. When you do Seva, you think of others and become selfless and purer. You will become a fertile bed to sow the seed of Self-Realisation. That’s when the tree will grow. Seva helps you to till the soil, to prepare you to receive what He has come to give.”

Few years ago, I asked Him “Please grant me Self-Realisation.” Then He said, “To YOU (of all the people)?! If I pass a very high voltage current through a low capacity wire, it will burn the wire. You will get destroyed. You can not bear it for a moment. You are not ready.”

I thought I must be ready, because I am able to see Him and experience what most of the people are not able to experience, isn’t it? He said, “Seva is the preparation of our beings to develop that ability or deservedness to handle Self-realisation when it comes to you.” That made me understand things in right perspective!