Brother Madhusudan Naidu shares his lessons learnt about how he is only a mere instrument of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in His Subtle Form

He says as once Swami said, “I know all of them. They all know Me. That’s good enough!”

Swami was going to another new place and whenever He goes to a new place or a country and meets new people, it’s like Agni Pariksha (test of fire) for me! I feel, ‘O God, I have to again meet new people and these people will start questioning, investigating, doubting me and every move of mine, every gesture, every look, every word will be weighed against the experience they have had in the past’. They are going to do all this judging. It’s very difficult. It’s like going through an examination. But Swami’s mission has to expand. And nobody can tell Swami, do this or please don’t do that. He is the master of His own self. So when Swami said, we will go to this new place, I did have some discomfort. And to meet devotees who have been devotees for decades is a bigger problem for me. New devotees are open-minded and have no baggage. But the devotees from the past have many questions. ‘Will Swami say something that He told me in 1960? If I ask, will Swami reply in that way, the way He had replied to me earlier. In what way Swami is going to prove He is here? In what way am I going to accept this is my own Swami who loved me and cared for me?’ And so many other questions which are natural and I completely understand and empathise with the situation that they are in.

I was very uncomfortable and we were going to the house of these devotees whom I had never met before. I didn’t even know they existed till Swami invited Himself to their home. So we were there finally and they too were in a fix not knowing what to do. When we entered they gave Arati to Swami and in whatever way they could express their happiness and gratitude and welcome Swami they did. All this somewhere in the middle of the night! Meanwhile I was very keen that Swami goes off inside the room and closes the chapter quickly and we will deal with the rest, the next morning. After a little talk, Swami went into the Master bedroom that was kept for Swami. The devotees had the opportunity to offer it to Swami for His use during the stay. So, I went into Swami’s room and closed the door behind. I was waiting for all the devotees to disperse so that I could go to my room at the other end of the house. I was a little jittery and nervous and this was visible in my body language. Swami was sitting calmly in a corner, quietly in a chair. He looked at me as I was fidgeting and asked me, “What is wrong with you? What happened to you?” I said, “Swami! I am feeling very uncomfortable!” These are people I don’t know. I have never met them. They don’t know me. Swami smiles and said, “Oh, it’s alright. I know all of them. They all know Me. That’s good enough for you!! (laughter) You don’t have to necessarily know them and they don’t need to necessarily know you.”

And He put me in my place. I think I was overdoing it a bit. He spoke thus so I could relax and let things happen as they were supposed to happen. When things settled, I went to my room and as I was tired of the journey, I quickly slept off.

Next morning, I went to Swami’s room. Again the tension started. OMG! I am going to deal with these devotees all over again. I have to sit and talk to them and they are going to ask questions. God knows what they are going to ask and what Swami is going to reply. Because sometimes, Swami being Swami, He will say things that make a lot of sense and sometimes He will say things that won’t make any sense at this point in time. Probably, after a month or a year later, people would realize.

For example, we were in Chennai, we were going to the house of a particular devotee and as He walked in, Swami saw a young budding musician (Stephen Devassy), pianist and a musical genius of his own kind, very famous in the southern musical world. Swami looked at him and said, “Oh your leg is alright? You haven’t met with an accident?” He was confused. He said my leg is alright. Then Swami asked him, ‘You were going to Goa and met with an accident. Isn’t it? Your leg got hurt.’ But the puzzled new devotee said, ‘I have never been to Goa and met with an accident and my leg was never hurt!’ He was totally confused and people around thought things were not looking rosy. Swami was saying something that doesn’t make any sense. Anyways, Swami went inside the home and eventually Bhajans and other programmes happened and it was time to leave. Again, Swami looked at this person and said, ‘Oh so your leg is alright? Now this person perhaps started to think if it was something that he had forgotten about. Few days passed and after two weeks I got a call. I was told that this particular person was on his way to Goa when an accident happened. This person, his brother and couple of others were driving to Goa and they met with an accident. And in the accident, his brother, who he considers more dear to him than his own self got his leg fractured. Then this boy realized that Swami had dropped a few hints before. He eventually came here and was profusely grateful to Swami. He knew now that Swami definitely knew that they were going to meet with an accident on the way to Goa. And definitely Swami saved him and his brother who loved him so much that he must have taken over his Karma of leg fracture. So this was one situation where Swami said something that made no sense at that point in time but only much later.

Back to the original story, so here, we were in the morning and I was not sure how Swami was going to speak. As I was coming out of Swami’s room, I felt that the air was tight in the room. Everybody was trying to assess what was going on. And I walked into this air tight room behind Swami, amidst so much of stress and went and sat on my chair next to Swami’s. But then all of a sudden I totally lost the sense of myself. Swami started speaking and picking people. ‘I know your father, he did this and that’. Swami went on talking, and for about two hours He engaged them in conversation. Imagine a set of people whom I knew nothing about; not even their names and professions and what their relationship was with Swami in the past and here was Swami who went on an on for over two hours, His words continuously flowing. In two hours, you know what Swami did, well, what Swami always does – He goes, He sees and He conquers! Everybody was conquered. Everybody’s heart was so full of love and excitement. And then He came back to the room and told me, “Simply you were getting tensed. Didn’t I tell you I know all of them and they all know Me?” And I said, ‘Yes Swami, now I understand you knew everybody!’

Why I shared this incident is because all of you are here. I am sure I don’t know each one of you and may be all of you don’t know me. But definitely, there is somebody who knows you as much as He knows me. And that is good enough a reason why we should be together. We are here because of Swami. He knows us, He wants us here, He called us here and therefore we are here! Otherwise, who is going to come for anybody else’s sake? Swami used to make a joke in the initial years. This Muddenahalli was there for any number of years, for decades these buildings were there, but why were not so many people here, He used to ask. And obviously the answer is straight and simple. Because Swami was not here this way as He is here today. We are all here because Swami is here. And Swami wanted all of us to be here. Because He knew each one of us and He wanted each one of us. And therefore, He did all that was required to bring us all together.

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