Brother Madhusudan Naidu shares with us about the true purpose Bhagawan Baba is so passionately at even today!

Brother Madhusudan Naidu says, “I really understand what Swami’s heart feels like! He wants us to become like Him. There are no two ways about it.”

Madhusudan Naidu

“It’s becoming more and more difficult for me to come and speak to all of you because all my ideas are exhausted in the last few Tattwa Sameekshas. Well, Truth can be only so much. One day Mr Isaac Tigrett had the same plight. He came and told Swami, ‘We are travelling so much and you keep asking me to give talks everywhere. I have run out of ideas. I keep repeating the same thing. Help me!’ Then Swami said, “Your problem is not different from mine. I have been repeating the same thing for eighty years. I have no additional ideas.” He then very succinctly put it as to how truth is only one after all. How many different ways can you tell the same truth? So, obviously you cannot make too many stories around the truth and you have no choice but to tell the same thing.

“Nevertheless, this is what I am here to share. Because I really understand what Swami’s heart feels like! He wants us to become like Him. There are no two ways about it. I clearly and very confidently know now than ever before as to what is Swami’s mission. Swami used to say my mission is not building hospitals and schools, my mission is transformation. He used to keep repeating this off and on. We all agreed when He said so and then we got into our routine jobs and started getting busier, and we forget what the real mission was. But He kept on repeating. Now I understand truly what He really means.

“When He touches a child on the head, He is actually transforming the child. When He meets a devotee in distress and gives him that much needed solace, He is actually transforming the devotee. When He solves somebody’s problem, which is insurmountable – so to say, He transforms that individual or when He simply resolves a big issue happening between two people, He is actually transforming both. All the time, He is working on the transformation, all the time prodding us, pushing us forward to become more like Him. And that’s exactly what He is doing all day.

— Sri Madhusudan Naidu at ‘Tattwa Sameeksha’ (May 7, 2018), Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli