Brother Madhusudan Naidu talks with great conviction and intense feeling about the fortune of having a Guru who is the ultimate divinity Himself!

Brother Madhusudan Naidu says that once Bhagawan said, ‘Never for a moment forget who you are dealing with! I am Divine!’ For that I clapped within myself!!! (Laughter) Because most of the people don’t know who they are dealing with! If only I could step aside from the podium, I would have clapped very loudly and come back to the mike!” (Laughter)

Madhusudan Naidu

We had music programmes over here, in Muddenahalli for Guru Purnima. You saw the dance recital by Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam. At the ripe age of 80 plus, she is coming and dancing for Swami’s sake. These are people who have been there, done that. They have achieved everything that somebody could achieve being a dancer but their humility, their reverence, their surrender to Swami is simply amazing.

And then we had Dr. Prema Pandurang who has been doing Harikatha of Ramayana and Bhagavatham. She is innocent, like a small girl. As she grew older, she got younger because she became purer and purer, like an innocent child. So innocently she was narrating the stories of Krishna and Gopikas. At the end of it, Swami went to her on the stage and told her, ‘It’s very difficult to run the Trust isn’t it?’ She has a trust where she takes care of old people, Go (Cow) Seva, Veda Patashala (Vedic School) and a regular English school where she gives education to many children. Obviously, not at the scale at which Swami does! In her own limited way, like a small lamp in front of the sun, she is doing her little work for God. She was touched beyond measure. She said who would be concerned about my pain and my work. It is only Swami who can be concerned! ‘I will help; I will help’, Swami assured. She was so overwhelmed. Later our office sent her a message asking for the details of her Trust because Swami wanted to do something to help her. She sent a message back to our office and the office staff forwarded the message to me to be given to Swami. It is so beautiful. She writes, “I dare not write to Him directly and hence this message through your goodself. My Pranams to Revered Swami again.” Look at her humility. They know who Swami is because through the Tapas of so many decades of continuous remembrance of God they have attained Chitta Shuddi, by continuously singing His glory, they have attained the purity with which they can understand divinity.


For our students, Swami is great fun! I see our students writing all kinds of letters to Swami, from petty things onwards to bigger issues; from my leg is paining, to my teacher is scolding me; I am not getting good marks in Math; my memory power is failing; my ajja or ajji is having this problem; my dog is having this problem! Everything that one could possibly imagine they write to Swami. And rightfully so! It’s perfect. I am not saying it is wrong. For them also, He is there. See the beauty of it. As a Guru, He is there for the primary school child; and then He rises all the way up to the PhD level to guide research scholars too. It always amazes me. He can bend low on His knees to reach the level of the smallest child from sixth class and suddenly He can rise to the heavenly heights and guide someone on Atma Jnana or Brahman Jnana. He is capable of such a spectrum of things. One shop stop for all our spiritual needs!! You don’t have to go to ten people to get your things going. He can take care of you even if you are the youngest, immature, absolutely novice in the field of spirituality and He can also deal with someone who is realized and is a Brahma Jnani or a Jeevan Mukta! Look at the way our Guru is. Where do we find a Guru of this nature anywhere on the planet? If we don’t realize, it does not really matter to Him. He does what He has got to do. He keeps doing this day in and day out.

And at the cost of repetition, I must tell you, there cannot be somebody more fortunate than us. Without a Guru, we are all lost. Our whole life can be spent in a wasteful way. At the end of the life when Yama is standing at our door step; that time when we look back, we may wonder ‘My God! What did we do with our lives?” One of my student friends when I was passing from my 12th class wrote in my diary (slam book), “Live your life in such a way that when you look back and see your life, you should be happy!” We cannot do this by ourselves, dear brothers! By ourselves, we are lost. That’s why our culture emphasises so much on the importance of Guru. No other culture does. We have Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Uncle, Aunt; every kind of day now. But Guru’s Day was there since the beginning. Guru Purnima was always there in Indian culture because we knew the importance of a Guru, the most important person in our lives. I must tell you He is the ultimate blessing, greatest boon one could ask for; to have known Him and to have been known by Him; to be with Him and to have Him with us and to do what He is asking us to do is the greatest blessing, greatest honour; greatest boon. You cannot ask anything further than this. Without Him, what we would have been! Just imagine if Swami was not in our lives!

What a Guru! He becomes a mother when time demands, becomes father the next moment, becomes our friend or a brother and suddenly He becomes our leader and roars like a lion.

A lot of announcements He did on that fateful day. Most of the people liked many other things. When Swami said He will have 18 university branches across the world; somebody very interested in university clapped for it. Suddenly when He said I am going to open a Post Graduate studies in Medicine, especially cardiothoracic sciences for Pediatric; those interested in Medicine clapped for it. And He said Annapoorna is going to be the world’s largest breakfast serving institution; somebody who resonates with that idea clapped. Then He said, ‘He said, ‘Never for a moment forget who you are dealing with! I am Divine!’ For that I clapped within myself!!! (Laughter) Because most of the people don’t know who they are dealing with! If only I could step aside from the podium, I would have clapped very loudly and come back to the mike!” (Laughter). I wish you all could understand Telugu. So much beauty is lost in translation. In my limited life, I have not heard a language sweeter and more beautiful than Telugu. Appropriately, Swami chose Telugu as His mother tongue. Other language could have been Sanskrit. But unfortunately, not many speak Sanskrit today. In Telugu He said, “Nenu Daivamu!” (I am Divine!) The authority with which He said, ‘I am God’s The power, the magnificence of that word was amazing because He knows He is. Otherwise all this was not possible. “I will single handedly lead you all to glory, just be with Me!” What assurance! It’s a better assurance than ‘Ananyas Chintayanto Mam..’, It’s a better assurance than ‘Abhayam Sarva Bhootebhyo..’, It is a better assurance than anything else that has ever been given by any Avatar! He says, just be with Me. Singlehandedly, I will take you to that glory! Don’t have to do anything. Just be with Me! I will take you all the way there!

There is a precondition in every Avataric assurance before,

‘Ananyas Chintayanto Mam ye Janah Paryupasate, Tesam Nityabhiyuktanam Yoga-Ksemam Vahamyaham’

“Those who think of nothing else other than Me, and worship Me with all their heart and soul, THOSE people I am assuring, that I will look after their welfare.”

Means, those who don’t think of Him all the time, and they don’t worship Him this way, there is no redemption for them!

Sakrudeva Prapannaya Tavasmiti Cha Yachate
Aabhayam Sarvabhutebhyo Dadamyetat Vratam Mama’

Those who come and say, ‘’Lord! I surrender to You; I belong to you, to them I give refuge!’’

Ignorantly if I don’t surrender to God, what happens to me?

But Swami says, don’t do anything. You don’t have to surrender to Me. You don’t have to worship Me day in and day out. Just BE with Me! That’s it. I will take you wherever you need to be taken to. Whoever gave this assurance in the history of Avatars? Which other Avatar has said what Swami has said. This is our Guru; our God!