Brother Madhusudhan Naidu attributes all that his family is today to Swami’s glory and compassion

Brother Madhusudhan Naidu says, “Swami will put you on His shoulders and take you to the skies! You will not have to put the effort of flying or flapping your wings. He will take you to any heights. He can do anything. What He does is beyond!”

My family has gone through a lot. He made us go through a lot. He turned the world upside down on us and made us do all kinds of things that we never had even imagined. While He plunged us into depths of despair at the same time He made us rise to the glorious heights where you have nothing, but you have everything! He made us free from desires. He made us free from attachments. He made us free from all the bondage. He gave us the taste of that freedom that otherwise we would have not experienced by own own. From ‘Baddha Jeevas’, He made us ‘Buddha Jeevas!’ We were bonded labourers of our Karma; suddenly He broke all the shackles and made us Buddha Jeevis – Aware Beings. What is right and what is not right, He taught us what is real – Nitya and what is Anitya; without which we would have continued to be slaves of our own Karma; our own desires and senses. What He did for us is beyond redemption, I would say.

My mother is sitting here. You can ask her. When she was working, she would not have even two good Pattu (Silk) sarees with her; she had one from her marriage which was tearing into tatters because if silk is kept folded for too long, it tears. She would not dare to purchase one extra saree out of the income she was making. Today, she needs another cupboard I guess. Swami has given her so many sarees! I can guarantee you she will have not less than 300 to 400 sarees! (Applause) As a son who has seen her struggle, I wanted to do all this for my mother. I had thought when I grow up and become rich, when I earn well, ‘Mummy! I will buy you this jewellery. I will buy you a car of your choice. I will buy you a home. I will buy you so many sarees that your cupboards will always be full.’ I had all these desires. As a son, everybody will have this desire. Who does not have it? Everybody would want their father to live comfortably and that mother should have all the luxuries of the world. We all think that way; nothing wrong! I also thought like that. But who fulfilled it? Swami fulfilled it, not me! Any festival, any occasion; He will call and give a saree. Each Pattu (Silk) saree will cost so much. We won’t dare to purchase these things. Even if I was working and earning in crores, I wouldn’t have gone and purchased these things.

Madhusudhan Naidu

Other day, my sister had come. I was so moved. She told Swami, I want to forget all my past. I want to completely give myself to you. A double post graduate, she was working in our Publications trust for a small salary. Earlier she was working as a teacher elsewhere and doing odd jobs. Swami called her here and told, you work for Me. Don’t work for anybody else. She said yes, but I am sure she was not fully convinced then about leaving everything behind and coming here. One fine day, she came, I guess it was on her birthday and asked for Swami’s Blessings. So, I prayed to Swami and Swami allowed her. And so she comes with a packet with her and gives that to Swami and says, these is all the jewellery I have. Well, I remembered having purchased it using my credit card (Laughter) for her marriage! O My God! I was thinking! (Laughter) She bundled it all up and put it at Swami’s feet and said, ‘Swami! You have given us enough. I don’t want any of these which I thought belonged to me! All this belongs to You!’ I could not have been a prouder brother that day because I realized my people have learnt this lesson finally. And she said, I don’t want any salary here onwards. I will work for You because You look after everything for us. I don’t want anything from You. I felt so proud because as children we have fought tooth and nail over petty toys and here she was all grown up like a spiritual giant and saying, ‘Take everything that I thought ever belonged to me because all I need is You and I know You will look after!’ Let me tell you, since then He is looking after her even better than she would look after herself. Before she has a need, it is fulfilled, somehow or the other. I know how well He takes care of all of them. Above everything; where will you get that satisfaction, the Atma Tripthi that you get out of living here every day? That comes to them so naturally.

If you take my brother; just a young boy, very brilliant, Swami put him in His University in Puttaparthi, made him go through his bachelors, masters, M.Tech, and finally asked him to do PhD. Swami called Dr Prabhakar Rao back from Nandyal to be his research guide. He saw to it that PhD was finished in record time, then pulled him out from there and told him come here (Muddenahalli) and teach. What is his age? He is younger than me. He is 37. Swami asked him to be the Registrar of the new, Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence! How many become Registrar of a University at 37 years, let me ask? How many people are given this privilege by Swami? What a joy, what a privilege to him! This is possible only with God and none else. He will put you on His shoulders and take you to the skies! You will not have to put the effort of flying or flapping your wings. He will take you to any heights. He can do anything. What Swami has done is far beyond anybody, our own kith and kin how much ever they may love can do for us. What He does is beyond! The best thing is that He has cut off all our desires, ambitions, and aspirations. ‘Nasti Lobha Samavyadhi’ (There is no disease greater than greed) If it comes, it does not go. This is the Guru I am talking about who will redeem us from ourselves. Madhusudhan Naidu

There is a beautiful song by A R Rahman. It goes this way. ‘Kar de Mujhe Mujh Se Hi Riha’ – Redeem me from myself. ‘Kun Faya Kun’ – You are the ultimate One. What I expect from You is redeem me from my own pettiness, redeem me from my petty self. This is the God that we are dealing with, the Guru that we are dealing with. Any number of speeches I give or I talk about Him for hours, it is like scratching the surface of the giant glorious being that He is. You can’t even describe Him in the most limited way also. This is our Swami. We are the only fortunate people who have Him somehow, I don’t know if it’s Punyam from previous births or our parent’s blessings or simply the unconditional compassion of the Lord that He has cast His glance on us and took us so close. If we do not use this opportunity, the way it should be used, not partially but completely, history will record us as the most unfortunate beings on earth. Like those Yadavas, Krishna’s kith and kin, his sons and grandsons, all of who fought and killed each other. They didn’t realize who Krishna was. But the distant unlettered Gopikas became immortal. You can either be Yadavas or become Gopikas, both had Krishna to themselves. But who became what depended on how they dealt with Krishna, not how Krishna dealt with them. Krishna dealt with everybody with Love only. This is the Guru. This is the God that we have.