God is an abyss. If you have the courage, jump!

Somebody asked St Francis of Assisi, what is the way to God? And He said, there is no way to God. God is an abyss. If you have the courage, jump!

Unfortunately, I did not have the courage to jump but fortunately, God was behind me and He kicked me into the abyss and that’s how I fell into it and now I am enjoying it! I quote Ray Bradbury, “Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall.” Most of the times we are worried, do I have wings or would these wings work at all? If I fall, would I just go and crash on the hard ground? All these fears don’t allow us to jump at all. We keep sitting on the periphery waiting for something to happen which never happens.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was also a Master of his kind and I always have a great reverence for him, for his simplicity, wisdom and his experience of the divinity. Once, he was sitting with his disciples with a glass of juice and there were few flies hovering around the glass. He kept watching them and smiling to himself. Everybody saw him smile and obviously they were curious as to what was so funny about a glass of juice and few flies hovering around it. That’s a very common sight especially if you go to those parts of India, you have plenty of flies! Then Ramakrishna said, look at the plight of these flies. The fly wants to taste the juice, it wants to enjoy the sweetness of the nectarine juice, but its afraid of falling into it. Therefore, it will never enjoy it. It will hover around the glass and spend all its days in vain.

That’s the situation with many seekers of truth. We want the truth for ourselves, but we are too afraid to lose ourselves in finding ourselves.You have to ‘not-be-something’ to ‘be-something’ else. And this process of ‘not-being-something’ is extremely scary, extremely fearsome. Because we kind of know this part of the place. We are familiar with this ground. But we have no idea what lies in the abyss. We have only heard from others, but who knows they might be lying after all!! Should I jump at all? That is the predicament I also faced.