I chose God over everything else and that has helped me so much

When all this started, a friend of mine called me to ridicule me. “What is this nonsense you are doing? What are you going on claiming that Swami talks to you? What a waste of your time. Don’t fool people.” I felt very bad.

But then I don’t know from where the answer came, I told him. “See brother! In last one year some of my friends have got married and their pictures are all over facebook. Some of my friends got a child and they are celebrating all over facebook. Some got promotion and they are celebrating on social media. Some of my friends got a bigger car, a bigger house, a bigger position. But here I am, I don’t know if Swami talks to me or I talk to Swami or what happens. But I am proud that this last one year, I have spent not in gaining a promotion or wife or family or position but to help establish a hospital. And in this one year, 500 children have been saved. I have assisted in starting three schools where poor and needy can study without a fee. They won’t be destitute anymore. They wont be beggars. They wont be burden on the society. They will stand on their own two feet and even help others. That is my achievement for this year. And if you think all this is a waste, all this is foolishness, a fraud; then let it be! I don’t care.

This is what I told him on the phone. This is my heroism. I am happy, proud, and I beat my chest and say that I spent my last five years very very purposefully.

In the last five years, my friends have upgraded from Maruti to Mercedes, from a two bedroom flat to a villa, from family of two to four, and may be they visited a few places around the world and got some more rewards under their belt. That is their achievement. And I have to look at all of them with (I don’t want to say), but with pity. What a waste of five Divine years. That could have helped save children somewhere. Only if they decided to do it. I will very proudly say this to all my friends if they ask. Well, now they don’t talk to me anymore, that’s a good thing! (laughter) But if they ever dare to call me, I am going to give this answer to them. I am a hero because I did this. I chose God over everything else and that has helped me so much. If I can call it as an achievement, a very worldly term just to tell them, I will do so. I want students to be proud like this. At the end of their lives, they should turn back and say, “Oh! this was a life worth living! Every moment we have savoured and spent in the most purposeful way.” That is the pride with which our students should stand up.