It’s time we break open our cages and care a damn about what others think about us!

Swami said, “We are all like the caged parrots. A parrot will repeat anything you teach. But does it understand and benefit from it?”

The parrot imitates the sound of a telephone or car or somebody’s voice. We all clap! What a wonderful parrot, how nicely it imitates. And the parrot becomes happy being in the cage. Oh! Everybody appreciates me, I am happy in my cage. That’s what happens to us. “He has got a new business going” –  very well done. “He has got a big car” – what a wonderful achievement! “He has got one more position, one more accolade, one more award, he has become bigger, his family has grown” – everybody around claps. You feel so happy you are in a cage, forgetting your place is in the sky! This is what Swami told.

Like parrots we go on imitating others. He did this, I also want to do that. I want to do it better. The world around claps for our silly achievements. We feel so contended and happy forgetting who we really are. We are happy with our clipped wings eating whatever is given to us, forgetting the expanse of the sky, forgetting the freedom and are happy in our golden cages. But then Swami is here to open the cage and say, come out, you have to fly. This is not the place you belong to. This is not where you should be. But then nobody is going to clap for that. Nobody is going to appreciate. “Oh! you became spiritual? You became a monk, a Sanyasi? You gave up all the attachments? You don’t care about the world? Oh! Very well done!” Nobody is going to clap. And so we don’t want to do it. Because there is nobody to appreciate that.

Unfortunately, we live in this fake or false pretense of being happy and we are never truly happy. Every word I heard from Swami, I felt how deeply He feels. He feels everyone should strive to realise his or her self. And this is not possible if you want to be on the earth as well as in the sky at the same time. Only if You leave the earth, can you will fly in the sky! It’s time we break open our cages and care a damn about what others think about us, whether they appreciate or ridicule. We should take to the expanse of the skies. That is the time now and that is the time here.