Lost in the world, found by God

We were in America, to be precise in the forest of Red Wood trees which are about 2000 or 3000 years old. That was the area where we were walking and the host who was supposed to guide us back to our place, somehow lost his way and was looking for a sign board but Swami kept on walking. Now, none of us knew which way to go to reach the place from where we started, and here was Swami who kept walking even as I kept following Swami Him everybody else were kind of lost and were looking for the way. In the confusion of losing our way in the forest, one person commented, “I rather want to be lost in God”. To which Swami replied, “You cannot be lost in God, you can be only found in God.”

The effort is to find something here and not to lose anything. To find that which is the very purpose, the very reason why we are here. The very reason why He chose to cast His compassionate glance on us, to take pity and have mercy on us, not allow us to stray away but instead take us by hand, when we were looking for external sign boards to find our way back home, He Himself is leading us back by walking ahead of us and paving the way for return, the glorious return to our own selves from where we began. The whole effort is to find that, “us”,  by following Him in this forest of the world, where we lose our way easily.

This is especially important after the Mahasamadhi, because He still had this compassion to find a few of us.  He declared in Kodaikanal that He went home to home, street to street, country to country to find us. “If I have to tell you, the effort that I have put to find each one of you, you will not be able to understand it”,  is what He said with tears in His eyes. And I felt those emotions of how  Swami found each one of us, otherwise, out of 7.2 billion people on earth and lets say a billion people who know Sai Baba, and few millions who worshipped Him as God and their everything, a few hundreds are at His feet. Obviously, the find is by Him, we definitely were lost.