Conscious Actions

Swami has transformed us, changed us, helped us. And now it is time for us to perfect ourselves and then pass on this perfection to others. When more is given, more is demanded of you. Not just expected, but demanded. He has given us so much and continues to give. See the magic and beauty of it. He gave himself away when in physical. Then He chose to somehow reach out to each one of us, inspired us from within, explained and convinced us to bring us back to Him so that we continue to lead that pure, happy and blissful life in His presence. So much of compassion. It’s high time we rise to the occasion!

We all must CONSCIOUSLY, not just by chance, engage in service. And whatever we do, we do selflessly as an offering to Him. So there is perfection in our service and selflessness. When you do the work, think that it is your work and do. But when you finish the work, offer it as if it belongs to Swami. But most of us think, Swami should do and we should own it! In fact, it has to be ‘you should do and Swami should own the work’. We have to do our part, the role that He has given in the mission. We have to do it to perfection. Swami says, it is like a director who loves his actors who do their job well. He casts the same people in the next drama and the next drama. He keeps bringing them back in every Avatar, because He loves the way they enacted their role in the previous drama. Swami wants to take perfect actors everywhere where His job is less. Once He gives the script, the actor knows what to do. Likewise, He has called us to do His work. When we do it to perfection, He is happy. As we do for Him, we become like Him. And we are ready to receive the highest.  Being with an Avatar and nobody has realised his true self?! Isn’t it sad? We have to work harder. Nothing less than self-realisation and the derivation of the oneness we should settle for.