Together We Can

Isn’t it going to be very very unfortunate if an Avatar has come and yet the world has not changed? Isn’t it sad? Should we not assist this Avatar to do what He wants to do? Swami had visited Dr. A T Ariyaratne’s ‘Sarvodaya’ in Sri Lanka, who is a noble gentleman who for more than 60 years braved all kinds of opposition, death threats and continued serving the people of Sri Lanka without any expectations. When it was time for Swami to leave, he was feeling bad. Swami said He had some important meetings, and promised He would return again soon. Swami then asked Dr Ariyaratne to speak to the students of the Sri Sathya Sai Center for Human Excellence who had accompanied Him to Sri Lanka. Swami urged him to tell them not just the glory of the Seva, but also the guts and the grit that it takes to do Seva, with all the opposition and difficulties, one should learn to brave it. As Swami was walking hand-in-hand, Dr Ariyaratne said, “Swami! In the next two or three years, the world must change. It can’t be this way.” This was the desire of an 80-year-old man, who has spent over 60 years of his most useful life in the service of his nation. Swami with much compassion said, ‘what a pure prayer!’ Swami said, “IT WILL CHANGE. WE WILL CHANGE IT!” When Swami said ‘We’, the whole secret lies there. He did not say ‘I will wave My hand, and the world will change!’