Become Me!

When we are with Swami, it’s very nice to get enamoured by His presence, beauty and the feeling. But for how long? It lasts as long as the Darshan, and for as long as we are in the Presence and the Company. Once we are off that, ‘where are we’, ‘how are we’, ‘what are we’ are the questions that we must ask ourselves, because He is putting so much of effort!

Once Swami said, “My mission will not end till the last person on this earth has realised himself. 30 schools, and 10 hospitals, water projects and some Ashrams, is that My mission? No, that is a very limited  understanding.” So when somebody asked Swami, “How can I help You in this mission?”, He said, “You can help Me in My mission by becoming Me!” We have to become realised, selfless and pure.