Selfless Service

When we were just finishing Gulbarga campus, the first campus, believe me, one campus took the life out of us! And we thought we can’t just go on doing this for Swami anymore. I was thinking, ‘Oh My… such a rural place, temperatures are 45 to 50 degrees, and hardly any air conditioning.’ I had then got used to Bangalore life. The water was hard in Gulbarga, and I thought we had done one campus and this is good enough for one life’s Sadhana! As I was returning in the car, I was thinking, “Swami! What is the point in You building campuses? How much ever You do, it’s not going to be enough. We are not going to solve the problems of the world.” This is how I was trying to argue. Then Swami said, “Oh you still think all this is being done for someone else’s sake? No, not at all! Out of My mercy and love for you, I am doing it for your sake so that by doing Service, you will become Selfless! And that day, you will be able to understand the higher truth. So, I am doing it out of compassion for your sake. The prime beneficiary is YOU! Of course, children will be benefited too in the process. Out of My love for you, not out of pity, that I have given you this opportunity to do Seva. The best Seva one can do is to realise the Self. Because, then you don’t have to really do anything. Like the Sun, once you rise in the sky, the whole world is taken care of. Sun by itself does not go and do anything. It just stays where it is. Once the Sun rises, everything in the world looks after itself. A self-realised person is like that. The whole world benefits from his very presence!”

That is the stage where we should reach. To achieve that, He has given us a tool and that is to do Selfless Service!