Our scriptures describe heroism as the one who goes for the Atman and not anything else

This is the right time for students because still lot of things are yet to get inside their heads. And before all that come in, this is the time you can take off. Before too many stones are tied to your feet and your wings are clipped, you cannot fly anymore. We would like to see our students not as just Tyagajeevis or Sevaks but as Jeevanmukthas, walking around fearlessly like lions, afraid of none. Each one of them growing like a lion. Swami says, “Don’t forget you are cubs. You are not sheep, even if you have lost yourself in a flock of sheep, you are cubs.” It’s time students take it seriously. Shraddhavan Labhate Gyanam – Anybody who is sincere attains wisdom. If you take one step towards Him, He will take a hundred steps. Swami is very serious about it now than ever before. To this age of students, Swami talks about Advaitha, Atma Gnana. Sometimes, Swami used to say some laugh saying ‘What is this Sai Baba talking such high philosophies to such young students?’ Then Swami said, “Those who really attained God easily were Prahladas, Nachiketas, Dhruvas and Markandeyas. They were all young boys. They can do it very quickly. Because they are yet to clog their heads with other fancy ideas of the world, so it is easy for them. Lesser obstacles.

Believe me, it’s not that if you do this you cannot do anything else. Look at what Swami is doing through all the people. So much more is happening. And a word to students who are very dear to me. Many people say, I want to go and become Army man, fight the enemies at the border and bring laurels to the country. Then some say, I want to become IAS officer, set the whole system right, remove corruption! Then some others say, I want to become a doctor, go to the remotest corner of the earth and treat patients. Everyone wants to be a Hero. But our scriptures describe heroism as the one who goes for the Atman and not for anything else. That is heroism as per the Indian culture. If you really want to be a hero, be a hero of that kind, who liberates himself –Atmano Mokshartam ; and also emancipates the whole world around him – Jagat Hitaya Cha.

Swami said, “if you rise like a sun in the sky, you don’t have to do anything. Your presence itself will change the whole thing. Just rise!”

Rise like Spiritual Suns in the spiritual skies. The whole world will look after itself. Your presence itself will be redeeming. That is what Swami expects from each one of us, especially students. He invests so much in them and He has so much hope. They have to rise, they have no choice. If you think there is a choice whether you can be or you cannot be God, forget it you have none, the only option is to be God. There is only one way forward, to be God. There is no sideways, no going back. One must burn all the boats, burn all the bridges, no going back from where we have come. It’s the only way forward, no way back. Be a hero of this kind.