Sri Madhusudan Naidu Muddenahalli shares what he saw in Swami’s Heart. Swami is Satya. What HE does is Dharma. He reminds us – “Swami is never human, is always Divine”

(This is a question asked to Sri Madhusudan Naidu by a devotee in Tatwa Sameeksha session (October 30, 2017), Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli, for which he has answered as follows)

Q: Sometimes, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba says things that do not happen. Is it to be attributed to His human side?

A: Swami is never human. Please do not misunderstand. He was never a human; He can never be a human. Whatever He appeared to our eyes is our perception of Him. He is always Divine. Take it as your first theorem. Let’s go down analysing why He does things what He does that appears to be human. So, He said that God comes with Jiva Prajna (humanness) and Daiva Prajna (Divine qualities). Why humanness? Because, He has to talk the language that we understand and we can interact with Him. And He has told this any number of times why He limits Himself to be a human and to be with us. But at the same time, He was never a human. He says human also is Divine. But Divine can never be human alone.

sathya sai baba muddenahalli

Once Sister Bhuvana asked Swami, you have both human and Divine side. How are we to treat you? He told, treat me always as Divine. I will share a beautiful instance, very touching because it really made me have a peep inside Swami’s heart. One day at Sri Sathya Sai Anandam, Muddenahalli, Swami came for Darshan. One lady was crying, “Save my child. He has got cancer. He is going to die. Doctors are saying it’s difficult to save”. Swami looked at her and said, “Everything will be alright.” Immediately, the mother who was crying like a baby was so happy. I thought here was another great miracle and the child will recover. He came up to His room in Anandam (Muddenahalli) and said, “How can I tell a heartbroken mother that her child is not going to survive. So, even at the cost of being called a liar I have to tell what she can hear. Sathya is my word, Dharma is what I do. He says I am ready to tell a lie. I am ready to put my whole Sathya at stake, put my name at stake for the sake of consoling the mother who cannot hear that her child is going to die.” I then got an understanding of what Swami’s heart is. Look at how many blames He has taken upon Himself. If you tell Sun to rise in the middle of night, it’s not going to happen. It’s unnatural, against the law. So, He could not do it for whatever reasons. Sometimes, He might have taken exception. That is how it was meant to be. He could not do it. But yet He told the mother, everything will be okay. At least for that moment the mother was having some peace.

Hopefully, she will mature spiritually to realise that it was the best thing to happen. And she will understand Swami was still compassionate and He was God. Even if she doesn’t understand tomorrow what happened was for her and the child’s good, Swami is okay to take the blame of being called a liar. Or let us say a human for the rest of His Avatar. That is the beauty of Swami. He was never a human, always divine. Whatever He did, He did it with complete Divine wisdom. However, it sounded to us human or we perceived it as human due to our limited filters through which we saw Him.