All Bubbles Must Burst

Sometime ago, when I was chanting the Ganesh Atharva Shreeraham, a hymn in the praise of Lord Ganesha, as part of my daily rituals, Swami chided me for chanting like a parrot, concentrating on the mantras.

“I am sorry Swami, but I was wondering if You are here, then why can’t I touch and feel You”, I submitted the cause of my distraction.

“Because I am not physical.”

“Swami then please take me also with You, to the other world that You are in”, I prayed.

“Oh that world is very different from this”, I had got Swami speaking!

“This is ‘Mrutyu Loka’, but that is ‘Amrutyu Loka’. There is no concept of time and space like here. No one ages or dies. Death is only here, so the name ‘Mrutyu Loka’. You may think of that world like the home, and this world like the school where one comes to learn, and then goes back home. The final lesson that all must learn is, ‘I am divine’. When this lesson is learnt both the worlds disappear, just like the reflections on a bubble that disappear when it bursts. Nothing remains after that.”

“How long would that take for this bubble to burst Swami?” I asked pointing towards me. I was curious.

“So long as you haven’t finished your studies. Some graduate earlier some later, but all must graduate. All bubbles must burst someday”, He replied.