Deserve to serve

We had just returned after a visit to a children’s home in Fiji, as Swami does not like any one being called an orphan, for He is there for every one. It was heartening to hear the lovely 41 children singing hymns. The matron of this home called ‘Dilkusha’ was very thankful to the Sai Prema Foundation of Fiji, which was taking care of the children’s health, and also providing necessities like fans and good food.

Swami was talking to the doctor who was a part of this Seva when He said, “Aye doctor! Medicine must be given in the right dosage to cure the disease, isn’t it? If given more, it will cause harm, and if given less, it won’t have the desired effect. Likewise, Sev should also be done carefully, over-serving may ruin their habits, and under-serving may not be helpful. So you should assess the need and serve accordingly, just as you would diagnose the patient carefully and prescribe medication.”

Swami went on to say, “The scriptures declare that one must give with sincerity (Shraddhaya Deyam) , give with humility (Hriya Deyam), give enough (Shriya Deyam), and also give with the knowledge of the need and use (Samvida Deyam). So doing Seva requires great care and precaution, to ensure that it serves the right need in the right way. A Sevak or the Seva volunteer has to be very careful. For instance, if you simply give chocolates and ice creams to children just because they like it, and not proper balanced diet then it will harm more, and help less”, Swami added.

This reminded me of the day He asked me, “Do you deserve to serve?” That question set me thinking as I thought to myself, ‘are my willingness and abilities not enough to serve?’

But today when Swami explained about how one must serve, I truly understood that in order to serve, I must deserve to be a servant, and must first learn how Seva should be done in the right way.