Easter holidays or Holydays?


When Swami was returning from a devotees’ place in Portsmouth in U.K. to Chigwell in London, there was considerable traffic on the road, looking at which He asked the devotee driver as to what was the reason for so many cars on the road.

The devotee humbly submitted, “Swami this is due to the Easter Holidays that people are going out of town for a vacation, due to the long weekend.”

Swami seemed puzzled and told me, “I thought days leading up to Easter are Holy days and not holidays. The time when everyone needs to contemplate on the life and teachings of the Master and resolve to follow them in daily life. But instead, seems like people are all out to celebrate the event with a pleasure vacation out of the city.”

During the discourse the next day in the public Satsang Swami reiterated that point and said, “Easter Holy days now are more significant than ever before, for the message of ISA (Jesus) is the same as the message of SAI, and both the Masters have given up their lives for the emancipation of humanity. This time is most sacred and must be spent as HOLY days in remembrance and following of the teachings of both the Masters. It will only be very unfortunate if it is whiled away as holidays, forgetting the very purpose of their sacrifices.”

Definitely, this Easter is an opportunity to remind ourselves of the selfless life that our Master lead and is still leading for our sake. He gave up His all, so that we lead happier lives.

Let Him resurrect yet again as the divine within, and without.