Every ‘body’ is my body

“How is that devotee today?”, Swami enquired about the health of a senior devotee who has been travelling with Swami around the world.

The host replied, “Swami! He is better in the mornings”.

“That’s because of the time change, and also the weather and food. Plus, the age that’s catching up”, Swami diagnosed.

“You see He has a young spirit in an old body, and finds it difficult to do all that he wants when the body does not cooperate, just like what happened with Me. I wanted to do a lot, but could not because the frail body did not help, so I gave up the body and now I am able to do so much through all of you”, Swami revealed.

“In this physical world, we need physical bodies to do work, and so now every’body’ is My body, through which I do My work”, Swami added.

Not very long-ago Swami quoted from Purushasuktam, the Vedic hymn in the praise of Lord as the Purusha of the supreme being,”Sahasra Sheerasha Purushaha, Sahasraaksha Sahasrapaath”, which means the supreme divine one has thousands of heads, thousands of eyes and thousands of feet.

Then Swami explained, “What it truly means is that God resides in all. Today I don’t have a body, but your bodies are Mine, through your bodies I shall do My work”, He proclaimed.