Face and Feet!

While driving from the home of the host to the house of another devotee for a dinner Satsang at Fiji, the traffic congestion on an otherwise free road, took the driver, Sumeet Tappoo, a young spiritual apprentice of Swami, by surprise.

However after a little wait, the vehicles started to move again and Swami noticed that the jam was caused due to an accident.

Looking at the scene of long queue of cars and vehicles on either lanes of the road, Swami remarked, “See! The mistake of one person can cause inconvenience to so many. That is the principle of a society. Every individual is a limb of the larger society and just like in a body, if any limb suffers, the whole body suffers. One may think that we are wealthy and healthy and life is good, why bother about those who are poor and sick. But let me tell you, like the unclean feet are also a part of the body as much as the beautiful face, if we don’t bend and clean our feet with our own hands, the dirt will cause infection. And the first part to twitch with pain will be our beautiful face!”

A Sai-sermon on the street
about the face and the feet,
drove home the point straight
as we drove past the queue of cars,
that had no choice but to wait.