Foods are many, Hunger is one!

As the hosts were serving breakfast to Swami in Fiji, Swami looked at the plate that had Gujarati, as well as South Indian dishes and exclaimed, “Today both North and South Indian food is here.” Then He asked the hosts one by one as to which kind of cuisine they liked. Some said, South Indian, some said North Indian and some said Italian and so on. Swami then remarked, “See food may be different according to the likes and tastes of different people, but the hunger is one and the same. Whether you eat North Indian food or South Indian or other cuisines, ultimately it’s for appeasing the hunger within. Likewise, hunger for God is one and the same in all, but ways of appeasing it are different. Different people follow different ways of worship, but the goal is only one God.”

Then He looked at one of the young men there who is a foodie and asked, “So which food do you like?”, and Swami Himself immediately responded on His own, looking at the Pakoda (Swami playfully calls the bigger sized beings), “You don’t mind which cuisine as long as it’s food”, and burst out laughing and advised him, “Hey! food is the medicine for the disease of hunger. If you don’t eat food like medicine, then you will end up having medicine for food.”

Thus ended the sermon on the breakfast table!