As Swami was speaking to the hosts in Fiji over breakfast, He noticed that one amongst them was a singer, one was a speaker, one was a doctor, one was a lawyer and the lady of the house was a very good cook.Swami said, “See all of you are My instruments of different kinds. One can sing, the other can speak, one can treat patients and likewise, another can cook. All are different instruments to do different tasks. Just as a needle has a role, so also the knife. And what a spoon can do, a fork cannot. So every instrument is important in its own way, and one must be happy to play whatever role Swami gives.”

“How can we be better instruments of Yours?”, asked the youth who was a singer, to Swami.

Swami replied, “You need be pure first, purity is most important, but not enough. You must also have the ability to do the work (looking at the Doctor in the room). She is a doctor with the needed skills to treat the patients, only then she is able to help them. She wanting to help without skills won’t be of any use. Like wise, Nobility and Ability, both are important. But above these two qualification to be My instrument is the more important requirement of ‘availability’. Only if you make yourselves available to Me, can I use you as an instrument. Thus, availability, nobility and ability are three important qualities to be Swami’s instrument.”

‘Nimitta Mattram Bhava Savyasachi, be just an instrument of mine Oh Arjuna’, said the Lord in Bhagawad Gita, but our Lord explained how could one that be.