One-Way Traffic!


As Swami emerged from His room in the devotees’s home at Salta, Argentina, Dr David Cornsweet who was standing outside guarding the door stepped back to make place for Swami to move in the narrow hallway.

Swami who noticed this, did not miss the opportunity to teach a lesson as always and turned this mundane moment into a spiritual sermon, when He said, “The corridor is too narrow for two. It’s only one-way traffic here; if you are there I can’t be there and if I am there, there is no place for you. Similar is the path of God, if you are there, God can’t be there and when God is there, you can’t be there.” And then in His signature style, encrypted it all in one simple sentence, “Where there is ‘I’, there can’t be ‘SAI’ and when there is ‘SAI’, there can’t be any ‘I’”.

I was reminded of what Swami said to me once, “Merge your ‘I’ in ‘SAI’ and become one, for there is no place for two.”

Wisdom simplified.