As the hostess in Fiji wanted to perform Paada Puja to Swami by offering the traditional five kinds of sacred items, and washing the Lotus Feet with them, Swami permitted and intently looked at the whole process. At the end He asked her, “You have offered Panchamrutha Pooja, but what is the inner significance?”

The lady overwhelmed by this experience was silent, when Swami Himself replied, “Five sacred items, namely the milk, curd, honey, ghee, sugar are not merely items of worship but have the inner significance. When you offer these five items at My feet, you are truly offering all your five sense faculties of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. You must purify these and offer to Swami. Thus, offering these in the purest way by keeping them free of all wrongs, you are offering your entire self to Swami.”

Then Swami continued, “So what do you get in return for offering yourself to God?”

And Swami Himself answered, “When you offer yourself to God as worship (Naivedyam), you will get God Himself in return as gift (Prasadam). For when you offer yourself to God, God also offers Himself to you. This is true worship and true relation between God and the devotee.”

Needless to say we enjoyed the nectarine message from Swami that tasted so sweet to our minds, just like the Panchamrutham that was sweet to our tongue. We learnt an important lesson at His feet which is the refuge to the whole world.