Prema Sai – The Silent Teacher


It was during Swami’s recent visit to Dubai that He was interacting with the group of devotees, whom He had lovingly christened as ‘Sai Hrudayam’ – the Heart of Sai, and after His brief talk He opened the house for question and answers. This two-year-old group though generally was buzzing with queries otherwise, was surprisingly silent that evening. Perhaps they were too overwhelmed and were happy just listening to Swami and soaking in His love!

Looking at their earnest silence Swami remarked, “Devotees have improved a lot in the last two years, they already know everything because they have practised My teachings, and there is nothing for them to ask or Me to speak”.

During the dinner a while later, Swami said, “As one progresses spiritually, the regular conversations don’t have a place, as the devotees come to Guru only for the blissful experience of being in His divine presence. All questioning and answering ceases then. That’s why I say when Prema Sai comes, there won’t be any need for Him to speak much, as the kind of devotees around Him would be so evolved that they would just come to experience Him and not to ask or seek anything”.

That was indeed a revelation as to why Prema Sai would be more of a silent preacher. Swami has been saying often that Prema Sai won’t speak much like Him, instead He will preach through silence but only that day He revealed the reason.