Raso Vai Saha

As Swami finished the inaugural function of the two-day Asia Pacific Youth Meet at Sai Ananda Ashram at Kuala Lumpur, He proceeded downstairs to the dining area for the next important aspect after the meeting, which is eating as He often jokes.

As Swami walked past the food counters with delicious Malaysian and Tamil cuisines, one of the ladies made Him a special Malaysian sweet that consisted of crushed ice, coconut milk, brown sugar syrup, and nuts. Looking at the recipe with several liquid ingredients, as the lady added the syrup, Swami remarked , “Raso Vai Saha”, God is the Rasa or essence of everything, that is what the scriptures say. But the true meaning is that God is the taste of everything. Without God, life would be tasteless but with God it’s tasty, just like this dessert with the syrup. RASO VAI SAHA means GOD IS THE TASTE OF LIFE!

Could this greatest truth of spiritual life be put more simply, clearly and tastefully than this, I wondered. Swami does not leave a single opportunity to teach the truth!

Yes indeed, He is the taste of all our lives, for without Him our lives would have been absolutely tasteless, and worthless!