Sai’s Army

As Swami walked in to His cottage at Ooty after the public Satsang, the most fortunate students of the Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence, who accompanied Him on the ‘Holydays’ flanked the red carpet path. Swami was asking them whether they were comfortably accommodated in the cottage, when He noticed a youth from Singapore who was granted the special exception of travelling with Swami’s students on this trip.

Swami asked him, “Is the accommodation here comfortable for you?”

“Yes Swami”, he replied even though he had to stay in a dormitory, sleep on the floor and share the washrooms with 45 others!

Swami was pleased with his answer and said, “In Singapore, you have been through the one year mandatory army training, during which you had to live in difficult and harsh conditions adjusting with all others. So you are not finding it difficult here. Consider this also as an army training camp!”

All the students burst in to laughter when Swami suddenly became serious and said, “No I am not joking, it is indeed an army training camp here, for I am training these students rigorously to be not merely my soldiers, but my commanders. They are going to lead this mission of love and service. They are getting trained not to fight and divide, but to love and unite the entire mankind. They are under special training.”

It was a proud moment for the students who had been getting so much attention and instructions from Swami at such a young age. In fact just a day before Sri B N Narasimha Murthy confessed during his talk to the students that if he had received such spiritual guidance at a young age like these boys, he would have definitely been a better person than what he is today.

Yes! Swami is training a very special set of students here to shoulder the responsibilities in the near future. And though they are less in age, they are ‘old heads on young shoulders’, who are ever ready to take Swami’s mission forward!