Seva Day

As the second day of Asia Pacific Youth Meet was to begin, which was all about putting the theory of ‘Love All’ to the practice of ‘ Serve all’, at Sai Ananda Ashram in Malaysia, several packets of food, medicines and groceries of daily needs were made ready to be distributed by the youth to the needy families. It was to help the new youth, as well as the older ones to experience the Joy of Service first hand.

In the morning, when Swami saw three youths dressed up in the Seva T – Shirt, He lovingly enquiried, “Oh! Today is Seva Day?”

“Yes, Swami!”, they replied equivocally.

Swami said with a smile, “SEVA DAY is SAVE-A-DAY, for only that day is saved, which is used to do Seva (selfless service), all other days are only wasted!”

This pun and fun of Swami is what makes the youth learn great lessons so simply, without fearing spirituality as some complicated serious process of self emancipation. Spirituality is about fun, spirituality is joy and it’s simple!

Several days we spend, but only those days are saved when we do Seva, lesson learnt!