The greatest marriage…


It was in Padova – Italy, that Swami was driven back from the Public Satsang to the home to the devotee in his car, that was decorated with a bouquet of flowers on the bonnet.

Obviously, it was an uncommon sight and it made many heads turn. A group of youngsters who noticed the flowers mistook it for some newlywed couple travelling in the car, and quite common to their custom, they clapped and cheered, looking at which Swami innocently asked me, “Why are they clapping?”

“Perhaps seeing the flowers, they thought some newlywed couple is travelling in this car, so they are congratulating”, I replied.

“Of course, there is marriage, the greatest of all, that is being celebrated here. The marriage of Prakriti (the creation) and Purusha (the creator). This union is the greatest of all, when the Jivaatma unites with the Paramaatma. That is what is represented by the devotee Radha and her Lord Krishna. That is the significance of the dual principle of Shiva-Shakthi. The true marriage is when the devotee merges in devotion with the Lord. It’s an occasion that must be celebrated.”

Swami being the Master of Masters, did not let go of this opportunity too, to tell us all a greater truth. Even as I was dwelling on this beautiful concept of the union of man and God, the devotee and the Lord, the Jeevaatma and Paramaatma, Swami said, “This marriage alone is true merger, all the rest is mere mirage”