Vamana Roopa to Vishwa Roopa

Over hundred devotees travelled all the way from God’s own country Kerala, to God’s own home, Sri Sathya Sai Anandam at Sathya Sai Grama to bask in the love of their lives.

Swami eagerly received all of them at Anandam and spoke to them very lovingly. As Swami reminded them about their great good fortune of belonging to a land that has been blessed by the Divine (Vamana Avatar), the demon (Bali Chakravarthi) and the devotees ( Bhaktha Prahalada), He said, “Lord Vishnu came in the form of a short statured Brahmin Vamana, but eventually grew in to a cosmic being who covered the earth and sky in two steps, and when he asked as where should he keep the third step, the great king Bali offered his head, and thus was sanctified and immortalised as the greatest devotee from Kerala. I am also like that. Though so far you saw My short statured ‘Vamana Roopa’ of 5 feet and 3 inches in the physical body, now I am expanding and growing in to the Vishwa Roopa which is going to cover the entire cosmos, and when I ask you where to keep My third step, don’t be hesitant to offer Your head which means all your ego and attachments”. Then with a chuckle He added, “Oh! Don’t you worry I am not going to send you to the nether worlds below the earth, I will keep you close to Me. Before I place My foot on your head, you place your head on My feet and surrender, so that you can always be close to Me. Just like the fishes that stay close to the feet of the fisherman do not get caught in the fishing net, likewise those who stay at My feet will escape the web of worldly illusion (Maya)”.