What is God’s worth?

It was when we visited the home of an alumni at Bangalore who had invited Bhagawan and also all his teachers from the campus, that while speaking with all who had gathered, one of the devotees remarked, “The value of this property in Bangalore has gone up by many notches today because it has been sanctified by Bhagawan presence.”

Swami was quick to reply, “No one can put a value to Me, as My presence is invaluable.” He substantiated with the story of ‘Thulabharam‘ from the life of Sri Krishna when His Own Dear wives Sathyabhama and Rukmini tried to weight him in gold by making Lord Krishna sit on one side, and keeping all the gold on the other side of the large balance.

Swami asked, “Did all the gold that the Queens had, weigh Krishna equal?”

“No Swami”, was a collective response.

“Yes, so the clever Queen Rukmini took a Tulasi leaf and wrote the name of Krishna with her hairpin, and put the leaf on the pile of gold, and immediately the balance weighed equal. So, what is the significance?”, asked Swami.

“Krishna’s name is equal to Krishna’s form”, the expected reply came from one of the ladies.

But Swami elevated the meaning of this episode to another level altogether when He said, “This means Krishna alone is equal to Krishna. Therefore, the value of God can be equalled by God alone, and nothing else!”

A lesson for everyone to remember! He alone is His value!