Your mistake is My opportunity!


True to the saying that Love lives by giving, Swami has been busy giving something or the other to the devotees, staff and students during this Kodai retreat. Shawls or cameras, diaries or money for marketing (as He calls for shopping), His hands never cease to distribute tangible tokens of His love.

So also on Mother’s Day, after hosting a special lunch for all the mothers in the honour of motherhood, He distributed sarees to the mothers assembled. As He approached two sisters whom He lovingly calls as ‘Shakini and Dakini – the demonesses who are personal servitors of Mother Durga’, He realised that though He wanted to give the sarees of the same shade and design, He ended up giving them different ones! Our meticulous Swami who is perfection personified, made the seeming mistake not without a reason. In the evening, as both the sisters were wearing the sarees given by Swami, which were different, He came to them on His way to the dining hall and said, “Oh! I made a mistake by giving you different sarees, but not to worry. This mistake of mine is an opportunity for you, as I am going to give you two same sarees again. See, when I make a mistake it’s an opportunity for you, similarly when you make a mistake it’s an opportunity for Me! Man’s adversity is God’s opportunity!”

He said it all so simply as He glided past to dine with His devotees, and we are still digesting this dinner delicacy, the profound message!