Zero to Hero

Swami came down into the Anandam Hall, where the thirteen graduating students from the Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence were eagerly awaiting their Graduation Ceremony, which was also attended by all the teachers, staff and all the students of the Centre for Excellence totalling one hundred and thirty in number. Swami looked at the thirteen graduates and asked them,”You all had come as Zeros here and now you are all going out as Heroes, aren’t you?” Everybody smiled when Swami put the second question, “So who is a Hero?”

Generally one would have expected the answer that’s very obvious to most devotees who have heard His discourses, that Swami is the Hero, and that’s precisely what the students said equivocally, “Swami You are the Hero, we are the Zeroes.”

He said, “Not the right answer. Who is the Hero? Who is a Hero?”

And they said, “The one who lives a life of sacrifice is the Hero.”

He said, “Not correct completely.”

Then somebody said, “The one who is fearless is the Hero”, and things like that.

But Swami was not satisfied. He had something in His mind, a message was about to come, and a great truth was about to be revealed! And that’s when Swami finally said, “Man is the Zero, God is the Hero. But where is this Hero. This hero is right inside that Zero. You came here three years ago as Zeroes, and today as you are passing from the portals of this Institution, you must become Heroes by realising the divinity that is within you. If this Centre for Human Excellence has not brought out the divinity which is the Hero in you, then you still remain the Zero, despite all the subject knowledge that you have acquired! Thus, the real value of a person is when one realises one’s divinity. All else that one achieves in this world is merely a big Zero. Only those who have realised their divinity are the real Heroes.” And then with a chuckle He said, “So your Graduation Ceremony discourse is over!”

Truly, Swami’s message is, only those graduate from his Institutions who have not just wiped away Ajnana with Vijnana, that is the worldly knowledge, but those who have truly reached upto Prajnana, the ultimate knowledge of the Self, through practicing Sujnana or the good knowledge. Just a few days ago Swami had told, “Only those are graduates from my Institutions, who have reached Prajnana. All others should consider themselves not educated completely!”

Swami is building more Institutions to create more Heroes out of Zeroes, by helping them realise their divinity which is there within themselves. This is the educational mission, nay the spiritual mission, that Swami is expanding with every passing hour.