The Story Divine (Part 1) By Sri Madhusudan Sai

Excerpts from The Story Divine (Part 1) By Sri Madhusudan Sai


  • The more He showered the more I craved, the more He gave, and the more I begged. On one occasion in Trayee, Swami asked someone ‘How much of God was enough for anyone?’ And He himself answered that ‘Any amount of God is not enough, for one always wants more and more of Him.’ So here I was, perennially pining for His proximity.


  • He was painfully helpless before His own master plan that ordained my separation from Him then, only to reunite in the most mysterious way now! I truly understood that day, how much He loved me. The pangs of delivering me into the world after having kept me in His loving womb for seven years, not minding all the kicks and turns, was written large on His face. Yes, it was in December of 2003, that the umbilical cord was finally severed and I was delivered into the world with a deluge of tears, some seen and some silent.


  • I understood that, even when no one will be around He will be there for me! Well, it was a much-needed lesson for the future when I must walk on a road less travelled with Him alone by my side. He was, is and will be eternal companion.


  • I even pushed my limits to win the gold medal for the bachelor’s course just to earn the opportunity to stand by His side for a few moments. The closer He would come in the dream, the farther He would go in the waking. A divine paradox of hide and seek was at play. A divine romance, of which I enjoyed every bit!


  • “You must say with confidence that Swami will never ask me to do such a thing which is not good. Swami will always tell me to do the right things”

    He chose to ask this question only to me and then He alone made me answer that, I would do anything that He commanded, with the clear understanding and absolute faith that He will never ask me to do anything that is not good. The weight of those words went unnoticed by me then, but today as I spend every single day doing exactly what He commands me to do, of which there are things that seem very difficult and at times even impossible, I understand the depth of the conversation that happened 13 years ago on the portico of the Sai Kulwant Hall.


  • I was tired and hungry and uneducated about the customs of the Bhajans, so with the instinct of a hungry and tired five-year-old, I lay my hands on the bowl of sweets, grabbed a few and put them in my mouth. This infuriated my devoted grandpa who was a picture of peace till then, and he planted a few rhythmic red-hot spanks on my posterior while I made off with the sweets to safety. That was the first encounter, as far as I remember, with God and His devotees!


  • “What have you studied?” He enquired, more to let others know about it.
    “Swami I did MBA,” I replied.
    “Before that?”
    “BSc. Chemistry.”
    “Swami! He has done MSc. too.” intervened Warden Sir.
    “Oh! Why have you studied so much?”, Swami asked pretending to be angry.
    “To be with You Swami.” I replied.
    “To be with Me, do you need so many degrees? Devotion alone is enough,” He said.
    “Please bless me with such devotion,” I prayed.


  • “Kopama?” (Are you angry?) Don’t be angry with me. I promise you today that till your last breath I will be with you. Whenever you remember me I will come and speak to you,” He promised. His words soaked in love, flooded my dried eyes. “I love you Swami, I love you very much,” is all I could utter.


  • I was a total disaster on the sports field, so much so that the captains of either team would toss a coin and the one who lost had to take me in his team!


  • Once Swami told me, “If I say and things happen and you believe Me, what is so great about that? If I say and things don’t happen and still you believe Me, then you are a devotee.”


  • “Don’t fall prey to these petty pleasures, the real joy is beyond the mind and the senses,” He roared.


  • The first look at the hospital that served as an introduction to Prasanthi Nilayam and Baba left a last impression on me and somehow a small wish made its way in to my heart, “How nice it would be if such a hospital was built for the poor in our home state too.” Well no selfless prayers made on that sacred soil go unanswered and today in my home state of Chhattisgarh; Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital stands tall as a testimony to this glory of the abode of highest peace.